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What does a waterfall sound like in space?

The answer to this fascinating question may be found on Titan, Saturn's largest moon.  University of Southampton scientist Professor Tim Leighton has speculated how the sound of splashing liquid in deep space might differ to that heard on Earth - and it's possible that his theory could be proved later this year by NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn.  In the meantime, he has recreated the sound he believes it makes and put it on the Internet.

On Thursday 1 July 2004, NASA's Cassini space craft will go into orbit around Saturn where it will study the planet, its moons and rings for four years.  However, in Professor Leighton's view, possibly the most interesting aspect of the Cassini mission, is the European Space Agency's probe Huygens, which will study Titan. 

HMS Victory sail highlights value of science in textile conservation

The fascinating story of how textile conservation experts analysed the physical state of one of Britain's foremost maritime treasures is the subject of a case study to be presented at a major international conference on the scientific analysis of ancient and historic textiles next month.  (more)

Southampton study aims to develop new treatment for self-harm

Psychologists at the University of Southampton are about to embark on a study that aims to develop a new approach to the treatment of self-harm, a condition which is now reported to affect as many of 13 per cent of young people and adults.   (more)


Other News and Events

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