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News Headlines for July 2004

Hubble discovers 100 new planets
The Hubble Space Telescope may have discovered as many as 100 new planets orbiting stars in our galaxy.
Reinventing NASA Is Only Phase One
When President George W. Bush ordered NASA to develop a whole new space exploration agenda last January, he also directed the leadership of the space agency to review virtually everything it did.
Future Bright For Baikonur Cosmodrome
The oldest manned spaceport in the world is also still the busiest and, as it has so often in the past, the Baikonur Cosmodrome is once again beating the odds.
It rained on Mars -- three billion years ago
Mars was not only awash with water, it also once had rainfall, according to a French study published on Friday.
Scientists marvel at photos
See also: Fresh Cassini Pictures Show Majesty of Saturn's Rings

Making gravity visible, close-up images of Saturn's rings shot by NASA's newly arrived Cassini probe revealed an intricate, never-before-seen tapestry of icy particles herded into spiralling density waves by the effects of nearby moons.
Cassini returns images of rings
See also: Cassini gets ringside view of Saturn's mysteries ,
Saturn probe sends stunning ring views and
Saturn's Sunlit Rings

The international mission to Saturn - Cassini-Huygens - has returned the first close-up images of Saturn's rings.
Cassini successfully arrives at Saturn
NASA's $3.3 billion Cassini probe completed a seven-year, 2.2-billion mile voyage tonight, firing its main engine for a nerve-wracking 96 minutes to successfully brake into orbit around the ringed planet Saturn.
UA's Cassini Scientists Relieved, Elated at Spacecraft Entry Into Orbit
University of Arizona scientists were relieved, elated, even rejeuvenated by Cassini's flawless slip into Saturn orbit last night. They couldn't wait to start work on data to be downlinked from the spacecraft at 4 a.m. PDT today (July 1).
'Waterfall' heard on Saturn moon
A scientist has worked out what a "waterfall" might sound like in space, ahead of a Nasa mission that could find oceans on Saturn's largest moon.
'Over the moon' at Saturn
UK scientists involved in the Cassini space mission were 'over the Moon' after the spacecraft's 100,000 km per hour white knuckle ride courtesy of Saturn's gravity which successfully completed the critical manoeuvre to place Cassini in orbit around the ringed planet.
Cassini-Huygens enters orbit around the ringed planet
See also: Cassini enters Saturn orbit

After a seven-year journey, NASA's Cassini probe has become the first spacecraft ever to orbit the giant ringed planet Saturn.
Hubble studies sequences of star formation in neighbouring galaxy
Our neighbourhood galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) lies in the Constellation of Dorado and is sprinkled with a number of regions harbouring recent and ongoing star formation. One of these star-forming regions, N11B, is shown in this Hubble image. It is a subregion within a larger area of star formation called N11. N11 is the second largest star-forming region in LMC. It is only surpassed in the size and activity by 'the king of stellar nurseries', 30 Doradus, located at the opposite side of LMC.
Mission to Saturn
Cassini is providing our closest-ever encounter with Saturn, possibly the most beautiful planet in the solar system.
Dark matter and dark energy may be different aspects of a single unknown force
In the last few decades, scientists have discovered that there is a lot more to the universe than meets the eye: the cosmos appears to be filled with not just one, but two invisible constituents –dark matter and dark energy ?whose existence has been proposed based solely on their gravitational effects on ordinary matter and energy.
Canada's first space telescope finds stellar 'Flat Liner'
MOST, Canada’s first space telescope, celebrates its first birthday today, but its latest surprising results could spoil the party for other astronomers whose earlier results are now being questioned.
Revisiting the Orion Nebula
An international team of astronomers used the Wide Field Imager installed at the ESO/MPG 2.2m telescope at La Silla, to obtain very deep images of Orion Nebula in different wavebands. The new striking images should help the astronomers to better understand how the formation of stars depends on the surrounding conditions. A false-colour very high-resolution composite image of the Orion Nebula has been created from these images for everybody to enjoy.
The next stage for private spaceflight
SpaceShipOne’s milestone flight last week instantly transformed private-sector space travel from a rocket geek’s fantasy into reality.


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