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Monday, November 01, 2004


The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations working in support of health in Europe. Below you will find the latest articles from the main sections of our website.


Exploring the links between health and socio-economic status

Tamsin Rose, EPHA’s General Secretary, gave a presentation as part of a two days conference titled "Social Policy Agenda 2006-2010: What Future for European Social Policy?" organised by the Social Platform on 20-21 October 2004 in Brussels.
Speakers included ministers, members of the European Parliament, government officials, members of the Commission agencies, Commission officials and NGO representatives.
The first day of the conference, the Social Platform presented two main ... (Read more...)

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* EPHA responds to the Commission Consultation on health strategy
* EPHA members respond to the Commission Consultation on health strategy


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Milestones of the first EU Commissioner for Health

The first EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection David Byrne, has reviewed the achievements of his term in office, 1999-2004.
" Health and consumer protection policy is an area where citizens expect to see tangible benefits from the European Union. The safety of food and other products, protection of their health and their rights as consumers are topics that touch the every-day lives of citizens. I was acutely aware of this five years ago when I took up the post as the very ... (Read more...)

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* New ECJ judgement: emergency workers cannot exceed 48 hour working week
* Call for proposals: DG Culture supports NGOs of European interest


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Regulation of novel food at EU level

The European Policy Centre organised on 19 October 2004 a policy dialogue about novel foods regulation in the EU.
Speakers included:
* Mr Andreas Klepsch from the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General in the European Commission, who represented the Commission
* Mr Dick Toet, Senior Regulatory Advisor to Unilever, Ms Beate Kettlitz, Food Advisor to the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC)
* John O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Food Safety Authority.  ... (Read more...)

In the same section:

* WHO launches new campaign: 5 key actions for safer food
* U.S. report calls for "Urgent effort to combat obesity"


UK conference on alcohol to call for concrete action

An international conference on "Alcohol Related Harm - A Growing Crisis, Time For Action" is being organised in London on 26 January 2005. It is a joint initiative of the Royal College of Physicians and the British Society of Gastroenterology.
The conference will look at challenges posed by alcohol, both in the UK and internationally, and consider the range of policy responses needed. Topics addressed include alcohol and violence, health impact, the role of advertising and treatment ... (Read more...)

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* "A Social Europe: Let’s Deliver"
* Third edition of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality


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Nordic governments united on alcohol policy

Nordic health ministers have agreed for the first time to align their alcohol policies in order to reduce consumption.
Meeting in Copenhagen on Monday (18 October 2004), the ministers of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark also agreed to act as a block during international negotiations in the World Health Organisation (WHO) and in the EU on alcohol policies.
Alcoholic products are not like any other product and should be treated under special rules due to the social- and ... (Read more...)

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* World Health Day 2005: "Make every mother and child count"
* Cooperation and Immunisation needed to Control Infectious Diseases


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ECJ opinion on whether a pharma company is breaking competition law

The Advocate General’s opinion, issued on 28 October 2004, states that a phamaceutical company with a dominant market position is not automatically breaking competition law if it refuses to fill all the orders of its customers as a way of restricting parallel trade.
The opinion is connected to the specific circumstances of the EU pharmaceutical market where differences in the prices of medicines is the result of government intervention.
The case C-53/03 was between Greek ... (Read more...)

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* Malaria vaccine developments
* Study on the implications of the Services Directive

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