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  Health Monday, November 01, 2004  

  Washington Post
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Pandemic Risk Spurs Flu Vaccine Planning
The World Health Organization has called an unprecedented meeting of flu vaccine makers and nations to accelerate plans for dealing with the growing flu threat.

Court Won't Hear Appeal in Fen-Phen Case
The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a drug maker seeking to limit evidence fen-phen users can present in lawsuits.

Health Care Squeeze
Small businesses, faced with rising insurance premiums, struggle to cover employees.

Parents Sued Over Immunizations
District parents and guardians who failed to prove their children had been properly immunized this year got more than a summons to the principal's office: They were ordered to appear in court.

EPA Study Decried
An Environmental Protection Agency proposal to study children's exposure to pesticides has sparked a flurry of internal agency protests over whether the survey will harm vulnerable infants and toddlers.

Flu Shots Diverted
The federal government has diverted 300,000 doses of flu vaccine originally intended for federal employees and the military to high-risk civilian groups.

Doctors Who Sleep More Err Less
Young doctors make far fewer mistakes when their working hours are restricted to let them get enough sleep, according to the first study to directly examine the issue.

Data Find a Taller, Fatter America Since 1960
Americans have gotten a little taller but a lot heavier in the past 40 years, federal researchers reported Tuesday.

Umbilical Cord Blood May Help Predict Allergies, Scientists Say
Blood from a baby's umbilical cord could help doctors predict which children will suffer from allergies and asthma later in their lives, British and American scientists said on Thursday.

Red Wine Slows Lung Cancer, Study Shows
Drinking red wine could protect against lung cancer, but white wine may increase the risk, Spanish scientists said on Thursday.

Many Federal Agencies Offer Workers Flu Shot
Thousands of federal workers will be able to get free flu shots next week if they fall into a high-risk category, the Health and Human Services Department said Tuesday.

Stomach Acid May Keep Pneumonia at Bay
Popular heartburn and ulcer drugs can make people more susceptible to pneumonia because they reduce germ-killing stomach acid, Dutch researchers say.

For Good Bones, More Than Calcium
A new report from the U.S. Surgeon General underscores why it's important not to skimp on dairy products or seafood when trying to whittle your waistline. It turns out that Americans, most of whom eat too much, often don't get enough calcium, vitamin D or activity to keep their bones healthy.

Medicare's a Solution, Not The Problem
When Ann Satterthwaite goes to a birthday party for a friend who's turning 65, she makes up a red-white-and-blue card and holds a ceremony to welcome the new member into the country's greatest health club: Medicare.

  New York Times
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States Are Battling Against Wal-Mart Over Health Care
Wal-Mart is under attack for what critics see as a miserly approach to employee health care.

Doctors Use Nanotechnology to Improve Health Care
Nanotechnology's bag of tricks for inventing new molecules and manipulating those available naturally could be dazzling in its potential to improve health care.

In American Health Care, Drug Shortages Are Chronic
Some economists say a shortage of certain drugs in the United States stems from a central feature of the nation's public health system: no one is in charge.

Is Kaiser the Future of American Health Care?
Many experts and politicians believe Kaiser, an H.M.O., is doing some of the things needed to improve health care.

  BBC News
20 items

Embryos to be screened for cancer
Scientists are granted permission to screen test tube embryos for an inherited form of bowel cancer.

Natural protein can starve cancer
A protein present in normal body tissue could hold the key to preventing tumour growth, researchers say.

'Stethoscope' hears kidney stones
Scientists develop a "smart stethoscope" that can hear when a kidney stone has been successfully shattered.

Asbestos claims 'could hit £20bn'
UK claims for asbestos-related diseases could hit £20bn - but only half of the cost will be covered by insurance, a study says.

Complex cause for brittle bones
A mix of bad genes and poor nutrition may be responsible for cases of brittle bone disease, research suggests

Row over nursing shortage
Claims there may be a nursing shortage after a report pointed to rising numbers leaving for the US are denied by the government.

Bowel cancer trials 'offer hope'
A breakthrough in treatment could cure as many as 40% of patients with bowel cancer, say experts.

S Africans 'as fat as Americans'
Obesity levels in South Africa are on a par with the US, say doctors discussing the global epidemic.

Cosmetic surgery warning
New guidelines are warning people of the dangers of not choosing their plastic surgeons carefully enough.

Prozac use 'risky for children'
Using the anti-depressant Prozac at an early age may lead to emotional problems later in life, US scientists say.

Vaccine against cervical cancer
A vaccine that may prevent cervical cancer could be available within three years, UK experts believe.

Molecule offers Alzheimer's hope
Scientists say they have engineered a molecule which could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

Iraq death toll 'soared post-war'
Poor planning and coalition air strikes have led to more than 100,000 extra civilian deaths in Iraq, scientists find.

Mexico rats survive cat onslaught
Health officials in the Mexican state of Chihuahua fail to deal with a rat plague by sending in hundreds of cats.

Hungary ban on poison paprika
The Hungarian government bans the sale of paprika after a poisonous substance is found in the stocks of three distributors.

Asthma risk 'fixed before birth'
The chances of a child developing asthma or other allergies may largely be fixed by birth, research suggests.

Abortion row fears over eye cure
The restoration of a blind woman's sight using foetal tissues is likely to spark ethical debate, say scientists.

Cancer: The facts

Heart disease and stroke

A guide to pregnancy

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  ABC News
20 items

WHO Sets Flu Vaccine Summit Meeting
World Health Organization Sets Flu Vaccine Summit Meeting to Deal With Pandemic Threat

Girl With Rare Disease Doesn't Know Pain
Five-Year-Old Girl With Rare Genetic Disorder Is Unable to Feel Pain, Literally

FDA: Olive Oil May Boost Heart Health
Monounsaturated Fat in Olive Oil Might Reduce Chances of Heart Disease, FDA Says

Poland Attracts Plastic Surgery 'Tourism'
Germans, Other West Europeans Head to Poland for Bargains in Plastic Surgery and Dental Work

North Carolina Investigating E.coli Cases
North Carolina Health Officials Investigating at Least Seven Cases of E.coli Infection

Couple to Build Clinic on Mexico Highway
Couple Plans to Build Emergency Clinic on Remote Mexican Highway to Help Accident Victims

School Nurses Lead on Children's Health
School Nurses Do More Than Tend to Scrapes and Are at the Front Line of Children's Health Issues

Ohio Clinic Plans Human Face Transplant
Ohio Clinic Says It's the First Institution to Receive Review Board OK of Human Face Transplant

Diarrheal Disease Vaccine Shows Promise
New Vaccine Shows Promise Against Rotavirus, Diarrheal Infection That Kills Millions of Children

Vegan CEO Offers Meat-Free Cafeteria
Vegan CEO in Virginia Hoping to Improve Employees' Health by Offering Free Meatless Cafeteria

The Problems of Paralysis: It's Not Just About the Wheelchair

Focusing on New Targets in Lung Cancer

Sizing Up Thyroid Cancer

Kung-Flu Fighting

Do the Legwork: Is Your Pain Caused by Arthritis or Artery Disease?

Iron Works: A Cause of Restless Leg Syndrome

Eye for an Eye: How to Counteract Cataracts

Booting Up: Don't Forgo Foot Care During Winter

Alternatives for Allergies and Asthma: Proceed with Caution

Vioxx Alternatives: Should You Go With Your Heart or Your Gut?


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