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November 02nd, 2004
Hormones predict miscarriage risk. Doctors may be able to predict which women are at high risk of miscarriage, say researchers. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

The supermice that resist cancer. Scientists have bred a family of "supermice" that are highly resistant to cancer. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

Embryos to be screened for cancer. Scientists are granted permission to screen test tube embryos for an inherited form of bowel cancer. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

Natural protein can starve cancer. A protein present in normal body tissue could hold the key to preventing tumour growth, researchers say. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

Asbestos claims 'could hit 20bn'. UK claims for asbestos-related diseases could hit 20bn - but only half of the cost will be covered by insurance, a study says. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

'Stethoscope' hears kidney stones. Scientists develop a "smart stethoscope" that can hear when a kidney stone has been successfully shattered. BBC Health 04:00 Nov-02

Air bubbles in breakfast syrup show potential pathway to new technology. The behavior of air bubbles in ordinary breakfast syrup demonstrates how scientists might be able to make vanishingly thin tubes and fibers for biomedical and other applications. Previous experiments conducted in Sidney Nagel's laboratory at the University of Chicago showed how to make liquid thread... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

NASA Sets New Space Shuttle Launch Planning Window. After an extensive review, NASA is planning its Return to Flight Space Shuttle mission, designated STS-114, for a launch window that opens in May 2005. NASA's Space Flight Leadership Council has met to consider a recommendation from the Space Shuttle Program to revise the Return to Flight target lau... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

Do lead bullets continue to be a hazard after they land?. There were 20 million metric tons of lead bullets fired in the United States in the 20th century. Is that lead having an environmental impact? Not at or near the U.S. Forest Service firing range near Blacksburg, Va., according to research by Virginia Tech geological scientists. There are 9,000 nonmi... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

Gut microbes can open gates in fat cells. The microorganisms that normally live in the gut can increase body fat, say researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. They found that gut microbes can open the ''gates'' fat uses to enter the body's fat cells. Using a two-pronged strategy, gut microbes first break down ot... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

Plentiful fossils of dinosaur contemporary allow population study. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years, then disappeared so completely that to find even a partially complete skeleton of a single multi-ton animal is rare. Meanwhile, the Virginia Museum of Natural History has scores of fossils of Tanytrachelos ahynis, a 12 to 18-inch reptile t... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

U.K. scientists find key to unlock body's own cancer defence. Scientists at Bristol University have found that a protein present in normal body tissues can prevent tumour growth. A team there discovered that a type of vascular endothelial growth factor found in normal tissue, including blood, can prevent cancers from growing. The growth of any cancer depends o... ScienceBlog 04:00 Nov-02

Grand Rounds Reminder: Just a reminder - Grand Rou.... Grand Rounds Reminder: Just a reminder - Grand Rounds will be hosted here tomorrow. Please send your submissions to by 9PM tonight (EST preferred). MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

Mercy: Terri Schiavo's case took another turn last.... Mercy: Terri Schiavo's case took another turn last week, when the courts decided to allow her to continue to be fed while her parents appeal. It looks like her husband might give up: Felos said it might be time to advise Schiavo to end his quest. ` MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

Free Market Medicine: In Europe: Aylin Oflas c.... Free Market Medicine: In Europe: Aylin Oflas couldn't afford to get the fat liposuctioned from her thighs at home in Germany. So she went back across the border to the Polish doctor who had fitted her with breast implants last year -- and asked what h MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

Kaiser Rhapsody: Is Kaiser Permanente the future o.... Kaiser Rhapsody: Is Kaiser Permanente the future of American healthcare? It sure sounds like paradise: After 18 years in private practice, Dr. Victor Silvestre was exhausted from his lonely battle, day after day, with a health care system that seemed MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

Happy Halloween. Happy Halloween MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

Halloween Alert: Beware costume lenses: Federa.... Halloween Alert: Beware costume lenses: Federal health officials are warning people not to use decorative contact lenses as part of Halloween costumes. Decorative lenses sold without a prescription are illegal and can cause serious eye injury and MedPundit 04:00 Nov-02

'Money woes' foiled Beagle 2 shot. A report into the loss of British Mars probe Beagle 2 blames the UK government's failure to commit funds early enough. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

China aims for five days in orbit. China's second manned space flight will carry two astronauts into space and will orbit the Earth for five days. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

Dubai first to breed at-risk bird. A zoo in the Gulf has bred a bird which is threatened by the fast pace of development in the region. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

Nasa to resume shuttle missions. The US space agency says it hopes shuttle flights, suspended since the Columbia disaster, can begin next May. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

Support sought for CO2 storage. UK environment minister Elliot Morley will ask industrial nations to back plans to store carbon dioxide under the sea. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

'Smelly' mates guide seabirds. Seabirds called prions, which mate for life, find their nests by sniffing out their partners, scientists say. BBC Science 04:00 Nov-02

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