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bullet Arif Chandoo
30 Oct : 23:33
The President of CoEJ is Al-Haj Anwer Dhanji from Stanmore, London
bullet Alia
30 Oct : 22:15
Salaamz all...
jus wanted to ask whos the president of COEJ?!!
bullet hyderymr
29 Oct : 15:28
Asakaam un Alaykum. it is a greatest addition for shai's of the world.this site is highly informative for shia youths as well as elders of the community.Ishall never forget that it is one of the best site. Tkanks to its organizers with hope that it will in future improve. May Allah (SWT) reward you and hope fully that our community can fully benifit from this site. Salam and du'aa.
bullet hyderymr
28 Oct : 20:25
arif chandoo
bullet Sadiq
17 Oct : 12:23
bullet Arif Chandoo
21 Sep : 14:06
I agree, feel free to move it up! :)
bullet mhm
21 Sep : 13:38
i think it should be brought up a little in place of the pircture scroller,
bullet Arif Chandoo
21 Sep : 01:21
Great addition to the site. BBC NEWS FEEDS. What does everyone think?
bullet Sadiq
20 Sep : 17:01
New Menu System !!! B)
bullet Syed
12 Sep : 01:20
Salaam Alaykum,
Mashallah a conference that executed its objectives right into the hearts of the Youth, something that I shall never forget, and it is one of the best conferences I have ever attended, May Allah reward each and everyone of you who attended this spiritual conference. I pray we have these types of conferences regularly, as it was a fantastic opening to the Watford Jamaat.
Wasalam and Duaz.

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February poll claim 'speculation'
Downing Street describes reports Tony Blair is planning a February general election as "idle speculation". ...
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Cherie Blair is said to have criticised George W Bush's policies in a private address, sparking Tory disapproval. ...
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An advertising campaign will aim to cut robbery, burglary and car crime, but is called a waste of money by the Conservatives. ...

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