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October 31st, 2004
NHS nurses quitting to work in US. The number of NHS nurses leaving to work in the United States has doubled in two years, a report says. BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

'Stethoscope' hears kidney stones. Scientists develop a "smart stethoscope" that can hear when a kidney stone has been successfully shattered by treatment. BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

Complex cause for brittle bones. A mix of bad genes and poor nutrition may be responsible for cases of brittle bone disease, research suggests BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

Bowel cancer trials 'offer hope'. A breakthrough in treatment could cure as many as 40% of patients with bowel cancer, say experts. BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

S Africans 'as fat as Americans'. Obesity levels in South Africa are on a par with the US, say doctors discussing the global epidemic. BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

Cosmetic surgery warning. New guidelines are warning people of the dangers of not choosing their plastic surgeons carefully enough. BBC Health 04:00 Oct-31

Mail-order drugs exposed to extreme heat become less effective. Mail-order prescriptions exposed to excessive environmental heat, such as temperatures found in mailboxes and car interiors, may become significantly less effective for patients. In a new study, formoterol, a common inhaled asthma medication, delivered less than half of its expected dosage and showe... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

Evidence that learning is consolidated during sleep. There is new scientific evidence to support the time-honored advice to students cramming for exams to get themselves a good night's sleep after studying. Researchers who analyzed brain activity in sleeping volunteers who had learned to navigate through a computer-generated virtual town have discover... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

How to stop fishermen returning dead, dying animals back to sea. Scientists have produced a potential solution to a problem fishing activity which costs the industry millions of pounds and has a major impact on the marine environment worldwide. A team from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, writing in the academic journal Marine Policy, say fishermen should b... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

Breastfeeding linked to reduced risk of childhood leukemia. Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of developing childhood leukemia, according to a new analysis of 14 studies by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The paper, to be published November in the journal Public Health Reports, found that breastfeeding was linked to lower risk... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

Photons under Control. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching, Germany have achieved unprecedented control over the creation of single photons (Nature, October 28, 2004). By using a tightly trapped single calcium ion, localized between two ultra-high reflectivity mirrors, and subjectin... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

Study finds potential new cause of mental decline in old age. Doctors have found important new evidence to explain why mental function becomes less efficient with ageing. In the first study of its type in the world, a team at the University of Edinburgh found that worse mental function is linked with abnormally enlarged channels around blood vessels in the bra... ScienceBlog 04:00 Oct-31

The Problem with Experts: The public editor at the.... The Problem with Experts: The public editor at the New York Times explains why experts aren't always reliable: Bad reporters find experts by calling up university press relations officials or brokerage research departments and saying, in effect, "Gimm MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Stop the Shakedown: Walter Olson looks at the tort.... Stop the Shakedown: Walter Olson looks at the tort reform ballot initiatives in various states - and their chances for passage. MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Junk Science: From the Lancet, the same journal wh.... Junk Science: From the Lancet, the same journal which gave us the bogus MMR causes autism research, comes this paper on civilian deaths in Iraq. Need I say more? ADDENDUM: A skillful dissection here. UPDATE: Slate's Fred Kaplan says the Lancet pape MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Call for Grand Rounds: Just a reminder that submis.... Call for Grand Rounds: Just a reminder that submissions for next week's Grand Rounds should be sent to (or just click the email link in the left hand column) by Monday, Nov. 1, at 9PM. Any health or medical-related topic is welc MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Humor: How to survive the flu season.. Humor: How to survive the flu season. MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Latest Healthcare Proposal: The Arafat plan.. Latest Healthcare Proposal: The Arafat plan. MedPundit 04:00 Oct-31

Nasa to resume shuttle missions. The US space agency says it hopes shuttle flights, suspended since the Columbia disaster, can begin next May. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

'Smelly' mates guide seabirds. Seabirds called prions, which mate for life, find their nests by sniffing out their partners, scientists say. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

Salmon at risk in Pacific Russia. Salmon poachers in the east of Russia are driving the species towards extinction, UK film-makers say. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

Mexico rats survive cat onslaught. Health officials in the Mexican state of Chihuahua fail to deal with a rat plague by sending in hundreds of cats. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

Scots count cost of plastic bags. Scots DIY enthusiasts will now pay for plastic bags as a big chain tries to cut pollution. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

Titan moon 'geologically alive'. Scientists examining images from Titan think they may be closer to showing there is liquid on Saturn's moon. BBC Science 04:00 Oct-31

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