BEM simulation of ellipsoid HRTFs
....some important details......

By Yuvi Kahana – May 99



Isometric view of field points 
(72 in each circle) 




Convention of angles

So what have we got here?

What is inside this Matlab workspace?

ellips_hrtf.mat includes the following matrices 

  • source_10m   51x3  double array (freq,real,imag) 
  • source_1m     51x3  double array (freq,real,imag) 
  • source_25cm 51x3  double array (freq,real,imag) 
  • tot_fin_ellips_10m 19x72x51  double array (complex) (elevation,azimuth,response) 
  • tot_fin_ellips_1m 19x72x51   double array (complex) (elevation,azimuth,response) 
  • tot_fin_ellips_25cm 19x72x51 double array (complex) (elevation,azimuth,response) 
  • other m, html and gif files 

The method

Why 'deconv. source'?

The mesh model

How long does it take to calculate the response? 24 hours (per freq. With the full model) * 19*72*51 = 200,000 days !!!

What's next?